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When two people meet, they must battle their own insecurities, their difficult pasts, their hidden demons, just to have a conversation. But perhaps that little voice in your head has more to say than you first thought.

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Walking After You is a new English language production written by Matthew Walker. This play is about dealing with one’s own personal demons. It is theatre for those who want to get out of their own heads, and an examination of the dangers of living too much in one’s own mind.

The show is 18+ for mature themes, language, and sexuality.


The play is performed in English.

Cast and artistic crew

HIM — Jordan Worsley

Jordan Worsley is a Moscow-based, British stage actor known for his works with MIDAS theatre among numerous other groups and projects.

HER — Daria Babich

A Konstantin Raikin School of Performance Arts graduate, Daria Babich is a Moscow-based stage and film actor known for her roles in various local and international English and Russian productions.

HIS — Fernando Moreno

Fernando Moreno is a multiple award-winning Venezuelan actor living in Moscow. Fernando is known for his international film and theatrical works. He is a César Rengifo National School of Scenic Arts and the Central University of Venezuela graduate.

HERS — Vera Sapunova

An award-winning stage actor, Vera Sapunova graduated from the Volgograd State Institute of Art and Culture and did a post-graduate program in acting at the Konstantin Raikin School of Performance Arts.

Previously directed by Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson is an award-winning Canadian performance artist, improvisor and director. Past directing credits include, Macbeth (Flying Banana Children's Theatre), Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage blockhead (Coup d'etat Theatre), Fortunate Son (UFV), Speakeasy (Efing Media), Afterglow/Courting (UFV). Josh is a founding member of Improv Generator. Josh also performs internationally with the trio Troika, duo TeddyBeards, and solo with his one-man show "Masks".

Trailer directed by Natasha Gerasimova

Natasha Gerasimova is a film director and producer of social and cultural projects currently studying at Vladimir Mirzoev drama and directing course.

Writer — Matthew Walker

Matthew Walker is a British writer living in Moscow. Matthew's works include pieces for a fiction podcast Once, as well as short pieces written for the stage in Moscow. Walking After You is Matthew's first full-scale theatrical piece.

Music — Rasca

Anna Zholobova, Polina Lopotovskaya

Costumes — Elena Eremina

Camera work — Fedor Ratnikov, Alexey Kuzmichev

Photography — Sasha Druzhinina

Web design — Alice Iranon

Special thanks to Tanya Samarina, Peter Tainsh, Pauline Touzovsky and

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